1. 500+ kms, 3088m. 6:00pm, 11 degrees. Pure magic.

  2. When you climb all the way to the top of an abandoned building and let your feet dangle from the top of the elevator shaft, this indescribable feeling overcomes you. Lungs full of dust and god knows what else. Euphoria, they say. I’ve always wondered what it must be like to fall, without the dying part.  

  3. Don’t think about it too much. 

  4. “Love calls - everywhere and always. We’re sky bound. Are you coming?” ― Rumi

  5. It’s definitely not about the destination, I can’t stress that enough. It’s about the journey, and who walks through the fire with you. We decided to go to the lake, out of the blue, as usual. However, we weren’t counting on my car breaking down - multiple times - and making as many stops as we actually had to. The whole scenario was nerve-wrecking, unfathomably cry-able and nothing less than magical. No tears were shed, despite the circumstances. With the volume turned up, a constant eye on the car’s thermometer and a backpack with the necessary equipment to stay the night comfortably we miraculously made it to San Pedro La Laguna. We weren’t even there for 24 hours. We didn’t sleep 8 hours. We woke up at 5:30 and waited for the sunrise… which definitely occurred, (in secret) I assume, because we never caught a glimpse of it. Was it worth it? It always is. I’m not too sure that paying the “mechanic” Q350 was really worth it though…


  6. Even simple wish-making has a set of rules.

    Your eyelashes shed like feathers from

    the bird my cat killed this spring.

    I force you to make wishes

    in between cups of tea and ugly fountains

    but you’re doing it all wrong.

    Sometimes you need to follow the rules.

  7. There’s something about these rainy afternoons and the uncertainty of the destination. Our impulsive personalities are enhanced in ways that appear unhealthy (I’m positive it’s what keeps me alive though). Two souls linked by a shared passion, yet so far apart. To be admired from a distance, yet my curiosity pushes me closer, inch by inch.

  8. Abandoned Bridges and the Beautiful Danger of Chasing Them.

    These are the B-sides. These are the shitty 12 o’clock noon no one should even have a camera out at that time pictures. Whereas they may not be aesthetically pleasing, I don’t intend to please a single soul with them. They tell the story of what really happened. Suit yourself.

  9. Impressions from Switzerland. Summer 2014.

  10. Thun.